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Millionaire Song

When I had holes in my roof I filled

My roof with jewels. When I had

Tables covered in food and crystal

Goblets filled with wine I dined.

When I tired of diamonds I wore rubies.

When I tired of rubies I wore sapphires.

When I tired of sapphires I wore pearls.

When my father died I bought

My father’s wife a cottage in the Virgin Islands.

When my mother died I scattered her ashes

In the ocean while my father’s wife watched.

When I had no friends I made

Vanity my friend. When my enemies

Frothed I made fear my enemy.

When I had no faith I made

Wealth my faith. I have no

Religion, crisp bills are my ministers.

When I have only solitude I will

Buy my companionship. When I possess

The world, death will be my poverty.

Ruthlessness is my philosophy, deception

My tactic. When I discovered I had no love

I wept on my gold for warmth and comfort.

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